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With a departure within 1 hour and a guarantee for all work up to 1 year.
  • computer repair in St. PetersburgDeparture of the master within 1 hour
    to any point of the city
  • computer repair in St. PetersburgQualified repair
    with you with Check
  • computer repair in St. PetersburgWarranty from 6 months
    to 1 Year.
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Home repair in St. Petersburg

Installing Windows 600 Rub
More details
Installing Drivers 500 Rub
More details
Installing Antivirus 500 Rub
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Integrated maintenance Cleaning / Reassembly / Reassembly 500 Rub
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Install Programs + Office 400 Rub
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Opening the Laptop for Cleaning 1000 Rub
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Installing windows

We agree on the work, We agree on the work.
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computer repair in St. Petersburg
We leave for you within 1 hour after the call
computer repair in St. Petersburg
Craftsmen are responsible specialists
computer repair in St. Petersburg
You are watching how we repair (no fraud)
Guarantee up to 1 Year! for all repair work

Repair of computers and laptops in St. Petersburg

We have always achieved the best result. We are confident in ourselves and our craftsmen and therefore we give a guarantee for all types of repair work.
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100% of our work
is Quality.
Our team has been repairing computers and laptops in St. Petersburg since 2016. From the first days we were the most demanded specialists who worked in different companies and firms. Remotely and by visiting specialists. Our trouble-free work in the field of equipment tuning and security in St. Petersburg was appreciated by many specialists from our element. Our technical support and experts are adequate living people who are always ready to help.
Technical director My-Master.
Our services
  • Installing and configuring Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10.
  • Setting up the Internet, WI-FI routers.
  • Removing viruses, installing Anti-virus.
  • Replacing and cleaning the Notebook.
  • Replacing and Cleaning Computer.
  • Installing Drivers, Updating.
  • Installing Programs.
  • Installing the Printer and other equipment.
  • Organizational work.
  • Complete set of work.

If your computer or laptop is malfunctioning or freezing, then the operating system is either outdated or in need of replacement, although other reasons are also possible. Also, the installation of the operating system is necessary if you have purchased a new laptop or computer.

The installation of an operating system is a fairly complex and delicate process, and its installation is not always successful without the necessary practice. It is important to properly partition the hard disk, select a file system, save existing information, select a driver for the device, and also install a minimum package of programs for working with files, making a quick system restore in case of need.

Do not attempt to install the operating system yourself if you are unsure of your level of competence. Usually, the majority of cases of self-installation of Windows leads to a complete failure of the computer or damage to the hard disk, and worst of all, the loss of all data, photos, videos that you have saved.

Our team, which has been on the computer help market for more than 5 years, offers the installation of windows in St. Petersburg at your home or office. If you need to urgently install Windows - click the "Call the wizard" button or call us by number to leave a request for any time convenient for you. Our specialist will contact you and clarify what exactly bothers you with the computer. Correctly installs Windows on your computer, as well as advises you on basic questions about working with the system. Press the button "Call the wizard" and your computer will start working like new today.

Specialist consultation and diagnostics 0 Rub.
Installing Windows XP 600 Rub.
Installing Windows 7 600 Rub.
Installing Windows 8.1 600 Rub.
Installing Windows 10 600 Rub.
Password reset 400 Rub.
Recovery of a non-working OS 600 Rub.
Installation of two or more systems on 1 PC 500 Rub.
Renewal of operating systems 500 Rub.
Call the master
Areas in St. Petersburg
that we serve.
Computer repair Admiralteisky district

Computer repair Vasileostrovsky district

Computer repair Vyborgsky district

Computer repair Kalininsky district

Computer repair Kirovsky district

Computer repair Kolpinsky district

Computer repair Krasnogvardeisky district

Computer repair Krasnoselsky district

Computer repair Kronstadt district

Computer repair Kurortny district

Computer repair Moskovsky district

Computer repair Nevsky district

Computer repair Petrogradsky district

Computer repair Petrodvortsovy district

Computer repair Primorsky district

Computer repair Pushkinsky district

Computer repair Frunzensky district

Computer repair Tsentralny district

We provide services for the repair of computer equipment assistance in St. Petersburg with a visit to your home for a long time. Our specialists are always at your service, in addition they are polite people. Are you having unclear computer problems? Not installing your favorite program? Does the Internet slow down or does it work very badly? Then we offer you our help.

You can contact us for any computer or laptop issues. Our master will come to you within 1 hour and help you deal with the problem:

  • Installation of drivers;
  • With the installation and configuration of Skype;
  • Registration in social networks;
  • Installing Windows;
  • Cleaning the laptop;
  • Installing Anti-Virus;
  • Setting up the PC;
  • Removing noise from a PC or laptop;
  • Removing a forgotten password on a PC;
  • Well, with the rest not included .;
  • Work performance time: from 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the degree of complexity of the repair. Departure time depends on the workload, but, as a rule, it is 1 hour, or you can agree in advance. Call us if you cannot decide what service you need.

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